QC Blast – September 2019

Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning

Our 9 step cleaning process ensures that you are getting a good thorough cleaning each and every time you clean your area rugs. This means a longer life span for your beautiful rugs!

It is always best to have oriental rugs and loose woven rugs deep cleaned in our location. Cleaning them in your home can risk dyes migrating onto carpeted areas. Also, cleaning rugs on top of hardwood floors is not always advisable.

Oriental and woven rugs are also designed to hide soil. This can cause soils to become deeply embedded in the fibers and cannot be vacuumed or surface cleaned away. To properly remove damaging soils, the rug needs to be thoroughly dusted and this can only be done at our facility.

Once the soil has been removed, then our technicians can restore your rug to its former beauty!

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