QC Blast November 2020

Ten Tips to Make Your Thanksgiving Day Stress Free

  1. Let go of perfection. Striving for perfection on Thanksgiving is only bound to stress you out. Before your holiday planning begins in earnest, take a moment to discard too-high expectations, and focus instead on what a happy Thanksgiving Day would really look and feel like to you.
  2. Set a simple table (and set it early). If you love pulling out the heirloom china and linens for Thanksgiving, honor your tradition but give yourself enough time to get everything just right without feeling rushed. Doing it the evening before is ideal. And what if you’re not that interested in setting an elaborate table? Give yourself permission to keep it basic.
  3. Prepare as much as possible ahead of time. Lots of traditional Thanksgiving dishes can be prepared the day before, if not earlier. Take advantage of this fact and make a dish or two ahead.
  4. Enjoy a moment to yourself before guests arrive. Remember, when you are relaxed and happy, your guests will be too.
  5. Set up a drinks station outside the kitchen. The living room or a spacious foyer would make the ideal spot for a beverage station
  6. Stick with easy appetizers. Aside from the fact that you want your guests to save room for the main event, offering simple appetizers, like roasted nuts or a cheese plate, will make your life much easier.
  7. Take mindful breaks throughout the day. Use a repetitive task — like washing dishes, answering the door or opening the fridge — as your cue to breathe in deeply. Exhale, loosen your shoulders, relax and move on.
  8. Pick your favorite cooking tasks and accept help for the rest. Whether you love to bake, make a killer gravy or always do the green beans, claim your preferred dishes and farm out the others.
  9. Get folks out of the house while the turkey cooks. As the kitchen fills with wonderful aromas encourage the group to go outdoors for a bit of fresh air.
  10. Pause before digging in. Say a special grace, read a poem or ask everyone at the table to share something they’re thankful for this year — whatever you choose, pausing before the meal is part of what makes Thanksgiving special.