QC Blast May 2022

Do you know how many services Quick and Clean offers?
Take a guess!

We are an IICRC Certified Firm and all of our technicians are individually certified. That means EVERY YEAR they are required to take educational classes and pass exams to keep those certifications valid! You don’t want just anyone cleaning your precious carpet, furniture, and other valuable items in your home, do you? You want someone with the latest information. You want someone educated! So back to my question, how many services does Quick and Clean offer??? …. 11!

Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
(Don’t forget the patio furniture, car upholstery)
Pet Treatment
Carpet Protectant
Tile and Grout (Cleaning and Sealing)
Oriental Rug Cleaning
Hardwood Floor Cleaning
Specialty Stain Removal
(Wine, ink, paint, coffee, tar, gum, wax & more!)
Carpet Repairs
Leather Cleaning

How many did you guess? What can we help you with today?
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