QC Blast – July 2021

New Furry Addition To Your Household?

If you have a new fur baby, then this is a must-read for you! There are many over-the-counter products that are sold for treating urine. They are generally labeled as “pet treatment” or enzyme treatment”. This can be problematic for consumers. Some products can contain ingredients that can permanently damage your carpet after using. Peroxide, bleach, oxy, etc can cause irreversible damage to the carpet fibers that can lead to halo effects and/or color loss, among other things. Even if you use one of these products and don’t see any damage right away, it can happen slowly over time. In addition, mixing different products can cause chemical reactions that cause damage immediately. Also, these products are not safe for natural fibers and are generally not disclosed on the labels. We have seen wool carpets where the fibers have been broken off and caused bald spots. This is due to high acidity or high alkalinity in an over-the-counter product!

Better to be safe than sorry, call and ask a professional cleaning company for advice. In this day and age where technology is at our fingertips, it’s very easy to go online and find misinformation. We were just in someone’s home and this exact scenario happened to them. The homeowner was desperate to remove a stain. The online information she found recommended an oxy and bleach product. The end result was a plate-sized area where almost all the color was removed!

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