QC Blast January 2019 (back addition)

New Addition?

Did you get a new addition for Christmas? No I’m not talking about a new baby…. Well, human baby that is! I’m talking about a new PUPPY!

As wonderful as having a new puppy is, it can come with it’s own set of challenges. So here are some tips to help you out when puppy puddles are putting you in a particular predicament!

First of all, if you have a puppy that is prone to urinate on the carpet, take a quick walk through your home each day when you get home. The quicker you get to a pet stain the better.

To clean a urine spot: Try Biokleen Bac-out (green product located at Fred Meyer, Target, Thriftway), sprtiz on, let sit for 30 minutes and blot off with a white damp cloth.

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